I am a simple country boy.

Born into a large family, at the dawn of the 8th decade of the 20th century.

Into a world of linoleum and prawn cocktails did I arrive, wailing. I clutch to my grubby breast a chunk of biscuit, salvaged from God knows where.

Tea is on the table at five. Chops. Peas. Carrots. Chips. Ice cream with chocolate topping. My life in a meal.

Q: What does “snubian” mean?

A: The term “snubian” was coined by Rachael after we saw the very adorable Anglo-Nubian goats at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Rachael began calling me “Snubian”, from “Stu” (my name) and “Nubian”. We later discovered there is actually a breed of goat called a Snubian, which is a cross between a Nubian and a Saanen.