Mar 28
Fighting the Frizz
icon4 Mar 28th, 2008 | icon2 Bric-a-Brac |

I suffer from frizzy hair. Lately I have tried using a so-called “anti-frizz” shampoo. Ha! This only made my hair even frizzier!

In an attempt to combat the depression brought on by my frizziness, I sought out historical figures who were able to overcome this debilitating illness. I found several famous people who are known for their frizzy hair. Common to all three is a disconcerting advancement in frizziness that comes with age.

Firstly, here is Albert Einstein, young and old. Albert and I are similar in that we are both frizzier on top than at the sides.


Next I looked at Bob Dylan. The two photos below are only two years apart! This is a textbook case of early-onset frizziness, much like me.


By 2006 poor Bob could barely stand up straight under the massive weight of his own hair. Is this what I have to look forward to?

Certainly the most worrying case I discovered was that of Phil Spector. In the early 1960s Phil was a hip cat, with the world at his feet:

By 2007 he was on trial for murder, and looked like this:

These people are all geniuses. Their stories of battling through frizziness give hope to sufferers like me. Albert, Bob and Phil, I thank you on behalf of frizzy people everywhere.

3 Responses

  1. kazzibee Says:

    teehee. teeheeheeheeheehee.

    oh yes, the anti-frizz products that FEED the frizz. Where do these scientists get their degrees in hairology? I askya.

    and EX-CA-YUUUUZE me young man, I think you forgot one photo.

  2. kazzibee Says:

    um…. yeah… that photo was supposed to appear there.. what, can’t I hotlink to my own photos here? WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS??

    oh well, here you go, have a dirty link instead….

  3. Snubian Says:

    Kaz, after looking at that photo, it is no coincidence that our avatars on the People page share the same hairstyle. You were in my thoughts when I wrote the frizz piece, I just wanted to give you the anonymity that most frizz-sufferers crave.