Apr 11
From Russia With Love
icon4 Apr 11th, 2009 | icon2 Bric-a-Brac |

I recently received my first comment on Snubian in a language other than English. It appears to be Russian, or perhaps Martian. My new Russian friend left a comment on my post Monkeying Around, and says:

нда… актуальная тема  ..

… which Babelfish translates as:

[nda]… the vital topic

Not sure what the “[nda]” means, but by “the vital topic” (with a smiley face) I suspect that my comrade was jokingly alluding to the importance of my observations regarding human-simian relationships.

Hooray for glasnost!

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  1. A Gal Says:

    Well, fuck me, snubian goes global. It’s a jungle out there so don’t get sucked into the current financial crisis.