Jul 2

You may recall earlier posts concerning our neighbours, the Takaluas. Their little boy, Fubar, provides an interesting case study in child behaviour.

Fubar is not yet going to school, so I assume he is about four years old.  For a little kid, he is alarmingly independent. Most days he can be found wandering around the cul-de-sac or in the yard between our houses. His level of parental supervision appears to be approximately nil.

Fubar enjoys break dancing, particularly the move known as the “arm wave”. He likes to stand in the driveway and do this. He also spends about 13 hours each day on his new swingset.

Fubar and I had a run-in a while back when I yelled at him to stop throwing pebbles at our house. So he usually gives me the evil eye whenever we cross paths. One of his favourite passtimes is to run up to our door, knock, and run away, but he hasn’t done this for a while.

Sometimes he sits in the dirt, digging holes, counting quietly (I have heard him get as high as 41, which is pretty good), or having little conversations with himself.

Our houses sit at the end of a cul-de-sac, at the top of a steep hill. Each afternoon at around three o’clock, Fubar takes up his position at the top of the small cliff in front of his house. From this vantage point he has a view over the surrounding streets and fields. This is where Fubar likes to sit and wait for his sister to come home from school. He really loves his sister, and she spends alot of her time playing with him and looking out for him.

The other afternoon he was standing in his usual spot waiting for his sister. He began making loud, random noises like “Kek! Kek! Kek!” This went on for about five minutes.

I really think Fubar needs to go to school.

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