Mar 31

One of the most delicious things about being a young kid was coming home from school and plopping down in front of the TV for a couple of hours of pre-dinner entertainment. This was often accompanied by a glass of chocolate Quik or a mug of Coco Pops.

Sadly, many of my favourite afternoon TV shows are gone, never to return. One of the classics was Grizzly Adams, the story of a man “accused of a crime he didn’t commit”, who flees to the mountains where he lives with his common-law wife, a large grizzly bear. Adams’ idyllic existence is interrupted each week when he has to help yet another hapless visitor who has stumbled in from the real world with a problem that needs solving.

Here is the title sequence that would precede each episode. Ah, memories.

The TV series was based on a successful 1974 film, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, and ran for 39 episodes starting in 1977. I must’ve seen each one about eighteen times. The theme song, “Maybe” by Thom Pace, was apparently a huge hit in Europe.

Dan Haggerty, who played the eponymous hero, has certainly led a colourful life since the show ended. In 1984 he served 90 days in jail for selling cocaine. He is the only person to have his star removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame (he was mistakenly given a star intended for actor Don Haggerty). He opened a restaurant and produced his own brand of barbecue sauce. And in his spare time he squeezed in some endorsements for a piece of medical equipment later found to be fraudulent.

For more information than you could possibly need or want, see the Grizzly Adams wiki.

Stay tuned for more in the Weekly Retro Classics: Afternoon TV series!

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