Apr 4
Happy Birthday to Me
icon4 Apr 4th, 2009 | icon2 Bric-a-Brac |

Today is my birthday. I was born in 1970.

Also born on this day in 1970 was Michael Schwartz, aka Mix Master Mike. Here he is with the Beastie Boys in their clip for “Three MCs and One DJ”:

Not many interesting things have happened on my birthday. On 4th April 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen officially formed Microsoft. On the same day in 1994 Netscape Communications was founded. Remember Netscape? On 04/04/1979 Heath Ledger was born. Yawn. Kenny Everett died on the day I turned 25. What a downer.

Today is the International Day for Landmine Awareness, so be aware boys and girls. Stick to the path. If you hear a click, don’t lift your foot whatever you do.

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