Mar 26

Welcome to the very first instalment of Weekly Retro Classics, a video segment for the discerning mid-to-late thirty-something. Each week I will select for you a video clip so uncompromising in its nostalgic qualities, so overwhelmingly reminiscent, that it will take you a week to fully recover.

But how was I to choose the first video in this series? Simply, I reverted back to my childhood. Through an intensive course of primal scream therapy I sought to strip away the intervening years, all the detritus of a lifetime, layer by layer, until nothing was left but the absolute core of my being. And what I saw there, what I discovered, was a skinny kid, sitting in a suburban loungeroom, in front of a TV set on a sunny Saturday morning. And on the TV set were two words … Sounds Unlimited.

Some of my earliest experiences of music videos were through watching Sounds Unlimited hosted by Donnie Sutherland. Those of you of a certain age would remember this landmark music programme. You will also remember the Sounds Unlimited theme music, which I have just discovered is “Love’s Theme” by Barry White. In fact, it is performed by Barry White & the Love Unlimited Orchestra. The coincidence of the Love Unlimited/Sounds Unlimited thing had my brain more twisted than a Möbius strip, so I decided that the first Weekly Retro Classic must be Barry White & the Love Unlimited Orchestra performing “Love’s Theme”.

So sit back and enjoy Maestro White, conducting his orchestra before a live audience in Mexico City in 1976. Right on!

4 Responses

  1. Jaye Says:

    Whilst I’m sure that Rachy is too young to recall Sounds at all, the theme tune brought memory of the forbidden fruit flooding back. I was actually *forbidden* to watch Sounds of a Saturday morning, for reasons that were never specified. I’m guessing it would have turned me into one of the free-thinking weirdo types. Thank the Lord I avoided that dark path.

  2. Rachy Says:

    Yep, you are right. No memories whatsoever of Sounds. In fact I have fond memories of watching its predecessor *Solid Gold* on a Sunday afternoon, so I guess attitudes to potentially mind-bending jumpsuits changed between the first and last child in our family

  3. Jaye Says:


    Levels of dance enthusiasm not seen again until the debut of of the TV series “Fame!” (Oh, god no! The memory burns!)

    On the mind-bending jumpsuit front, though, I *did* end up a fan of Star Trek. And Tron. Go figure. If you want *real* formative goodness, though, consider this — Philip Glass was being played at us as tots by Sesame Street. Don’t believe me?

    Preparing me for a life of weird. :)

  4. kazzibee Says:

    hi kids! just in case you forgot… there’s plennyo sol-id-GOLD dancing goes on around these prrrrts!

    I remember watching Donnie…. how I was allowed to watch this and Jaye wasn’t, is a confusing puzzle.