Nov 22
Killing From Calories
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I was watching the cricket yesterday when the Channel Nine commentators announced the new “KFC Classic Catches” competition. I forget the details of how to enter but the prize sticks in my mind: $2,000 cash plus a year’s supply of KFC.

This immediately raised two questions in my mind: firstly, how much KFC constitutes “a year’s supply”; and secondly, what is the $2,000 cash for?

How much KFC are they assuming a person will need in a twelve month period? Do they go to the Australian Bureau of Statistics and get data on the annual per capita intake of fried chicken amongst cricket-watching Australians? Perhaps they just assume one or two meals per week and then extrapolate, but surely this would leave the majority of chicken-loving Aussies unsatisfied. Or is it an “all you can eat” deal, where the winner is given carte blanche at any KFC outlet Australia-wide?

Either way, a year of complimentary fried chicken is hardly the sort of prize that should be offered in conjunction with an international sporting contest. I would like to see a “before” and “after” comparison of the prize-winner. I’d be very surprised if they hadn’t packed on a few kilos in their 365-day orgy of chicken consumption.

And then we come to the $2,000. Perhaps this is to cover medical bills for the (un)lucky winner? Cholesterol tests, stomach stapling and so on. How much liposuction can you buy for two grand?

The official KFC Nutrition Guide is vague on exactly how much KFC is too much, although it does give the recommended maximum daily intake of saturated fats for a typical adult as being 20 grams. KFC’s “Chicken Pot Pie” – whatever that is – contains 31 grams.

So if you should win the “KFC Classic Catches” competition I’d steer clear of the Chicken Pot Pie if I were you. Maybe stick to the nuggets, they’re much tastier.

Full of chicken-heady goodness!

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