Jun 20

You’ve probably seen footage that has come out in the wake of “Iguana-gate”, of an incident in parliament between Belinda Neal (ALP member for Robertson) and Sophie Mirabella (Liberal member for Indi).

During a fiery parliamentary debate Ms Neal can clearly be heard saying to a very pregnant Ms Mirabella, “You’ll make your child a demon” and “Evil thoughts make a child a demon”.

These are such odd statements, especially in federal parliament, and the use of the word “demon” seems archaic and just a little creepy. Here is video of the incident, and Ms Mirabella’s later demands for an apology that Ms Neal is most unwilling to give.

I was so taken by Ms Neal’s deadpan, almost rhythmic, delivery that I thought it deserved the remix treatment:

Make Your Child a Demon (Satanic Remix)

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