Aug 17

A quick note from your Beijing correspondent.

The first week of the Beijing Olympics is now history.

Or in the words of Channel 7 commentator and wordsmith Johanna Griggs: “As week one of competition draws to a near.”

You’ve gotta love some of the classic quotes dished out by commentators during the past seven days.

>From the rowing centre: “When the going gets tough, the tough get rowing”.

Channel 7 legend Bruce McAvaney on US swimmer Michael Phelps: “The colossus is producing a masterpiece”. Huh?

A few other personal highlights:

The Colombian weightlifter who couldn’t quite get a grip on the bar, slipping on seven attempts to get the weight above his knees. The last we saw of him he had collapsed into a bawling heap on the floor, having pretty much wasted the last four years of his life training for this moment.

Athlete Jared Tallent showed true Aussie spirit when he chundered copiously moments before crossing the finish line and claiming a bronze medal in the 20 km walk. He then sat down on the track and spewed again, leaving a large pool of puke in lane five for some poor Chinese volunteer to mop up.

For pure sportsmanship nothing matches the bronze-winning Swedish wrestler who, upon being presented with his medal, promptly stepped from the podium, threw his medal onto the floor and stormed off in a huff.

And did you know that Australian swimmer Libby Trickett is actually Wallace’s twin sister:

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