Mar 18
Series of Dreams (#1)
icon4 Mar 18th, 2008 | icon2 Dreams |

Part A

I am sitting on the rim of a large natural amphitheatre, at the very rear of a vast audience. It is some sort of metal concert – I can hear the music but don’t know the name of the band. Hollywood actor John Cusack sits to my left, anonymous. I start a conversation with him, hinting towards the fact that only I among everybody here know his true identity. I think we get along nicely. It must be somewhere in the United States, because I know everyone is American. They are mostly homely, curly-headed female college students. I follow one girl away from the concert, thinking she is leading me to wherever it is I need to go. At one point we stop at a bar, although it is more like a school canteen window. She orders drinks, but when they come they are all milky froth. She then disappears and I am left lost and with a feeling of abandonment.

Part B

During Part A of this dream (above) I had the feeling that I should really be somewhere else. I realise where that somewhere is when I am accosted by an elderly lady who tells me that I am late for the table tennis competition. I then play her (or perhaps a different elderly lady) in a table tennis match, on a large stage before an unseen audience. I am very skilful, but she is good too, for someone of advanced years. There are rules in this game that don’t exist in regular table tennis. At one point I am watching another match featuring a Chinese man. He makes clever use of a rule whereby his shot need not even hit the opponent’s end of the table. That is, he can simply whack the ball off into the air towards his opponent’s end, an almost certain point-winner. But before he does this, he first has a quick look to the referee, as if to get permission for the shot. The referee’s permission must be sought each time this rule is brought into play.

Part C

I am standing at the edge of a wide, shallow sandy stream. There are sand hills on one side, and some walls here and there. There is a young couple having a conversation nearby, they again appear to be young American college student types. A few times I walk up to them to say hello but the girl just sort of looks irritated as if to say, “yes, we know you’re there already”. I head along a trail up into the dunes, and soon find a few interesting looking items half-buried in the sand. They appear to be relics from some ancient civilisation, made of stone and smooth to the touch. I can tell, however, that they are in fact souvenirs from an Eric Clapton concert. (They have “Eric Clapton” printed on them.)

Part D

I am now back in my own school days. The setting is difficult to describe but it is similar to Part C (above), sandy country. A few of my school chums are sitting around a large table, apparently studying (outdoors). I too am studying, but I have a distinct feeling of unease, bordering on fear, about whatever it is I am studying for. I speak with my schoolmates, and although the specifics of the conversation are forgotten I know that there is a lot riding on the exam for which I am studying. Perhaps even my very life.

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