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So, first of all, the Sydney Morning Herald decide not to publish “A Whale Named Colin” in its Heckler column. After an unbroken run of three heckles in as many months they turn down my magnum opus!

Next thing, I discover when Googling “snubian” – being the vain bastard I am – that there is another blog with the same name! And not only that, but it’s at the very top of the search results!

I won’t include the link here, as I fear that will only increase its Google rating, but when I looked at the site it seemed to have only a single blog entry. And the blog is about the Snubian goat breed, in case you were wondering.

Actually, upon closer inspection, it appears to be some sort of page which gathers together all WordPress-hosted blog entries with the tag “snubian”. Of which there is only one. The main blog site is for something called “Bada Bing Farm”, a Nubian and Saanen goat breeding facility in Pennsylvania. Baaaa.

Meanwhile, the real Snubian blog, the original and best, wallows down in tenth position on the Google results page. You have to scroll down to see it! Even my Snubian-branded shopfront, currently hosting a range of “Chimp Eastwood” casual wear, is ranked higher at number four, and nobody’s even bought anything yet!

One other strange thing, I have noticed a sharp increase in hits to one of my blog entries about Sam Neill. I thought this was odd considering it is a fairly innocuous little snippet. But then I noticed that all the hits had originated from Google’s image search on the term “sam neill”. So in theory, you can increase hits to your blog by inserting random images of famous people.

Of course, I would never sink to such low tactics.

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  1. Chris Says:

    I hate it when that happens. I was the first person to describe huffing (in draughts) on the interwebs, but do I rate a google hit? No. Suddenly, everyone’s known about it for ages and it’s always been in wikipedia.