Nov 10
Solar: A Day in the Life
icon4 Nov 10th, 2008 | icon2 Family |

Solar is our three-legged, diabetic cat. Below is his daily schedule of activities.

05:15 AM
Solar awakes.

05:16 AM
Solar begins screaming to be let outside. We can usually stand this for about 5 minutes before one of us gets up and opens the front door to let him out.

05:21 AM
Solar begins screaming to be let back in. Because his cries are muffled by the door we can put up with this for a half hour or so. 

05:45 AM
Solar is let back inside and begins his morning pre-breakfast routine. This involves climbing on the dresser and/or bedside tables and knocking off anything not nailed down (photo frames, lamps, books etc). Because he has only three legs he is not the most dexterous of animals. Also, his single front paw, when applied to the facial area from a height, exerts double the normal amount of pressure (in terms of pounds per square inch) than a non-disabled cat. Remember that pressure is a function of acceleration, surface area and mass.

05:50 AM
Solar begins screaming loudly for his breakfast. This continues unabated until he is fed.

06:00 AM
Solar receives his breakfast (approximately 2/3 of a cup of Science Diet Light Adult cat biscuits) and his morning insulin shot. He celebrates by diving face first into his food bowl, thus spreading its contents across most of the kitchen floor.

06:01 AM
Solar loses interest in his breakfast. He has more pressing matters to attend to, namely …

06:02 AM
Solar urinates impassively on the entranceway tiles. At this point he is usually carried forcibly outside or at the very least told in no uncertain terms that he is a little shit.

06:20 AM
Solar receives his morning treat of a bit of toast with Vegemite. 

06:30 AM – 05:00 PM
Varied activities, including but not limited to eating the remainder of his breakfast and then: a) lying inside the couch (literally – he crawls under and up inside a hole in the fabric); b) lying on the entranceway telephone table; or c) lying on the front deck on his cushion.

05:00 PM
Solar begins to make impassioned pleas for his dinner.

05:30 PM
Solar receives his dinner (portion same as per breakfast).

06:30 PM – 09:00 PM
Evening entertainment. Free time for Solar to do as he pleases, which is usually taking the night air on the front deck, where he can keep an eye and ear on his neighbourhood rivals.

09:00 PM
Bedtime. Solar takes his place on the bed and collapses into a deep, dreamless state. Sometime during the night he rises to take an enormous shit in his litter tray, which becomes his special greeting to us each morning.

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