Aug 21
That’s Entertainment!
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Last night Rach and I went to see Paul Weller at the Enmore Theatre. What a fantastic show! The Modfather looks and sounds great for a fifty-year-old, and he still has the pointiest shoes in rock.

We’re both big fans of Paul Weller’s solo records, and he played alot of our favourite songs, which was nice of him. And now that I’ve seen Mr Weller perform “Eton Rifles” and “That’s Entertainment” I suppose my life is complete.

Just before the show was due to start the two seats in front of us were empty, so we were hoping they belonged to a nice dwarf couple who wouldn’t obscure our view. Murphy’s law, however, deemed that the two guys who came and sat down were perhaps the two most annoying prats I have ever sat behind.

The guy who sat in front of me was wearing a trenchcoat, and he had the enormous, rounded collar pulled way up. Imagine sitting behind this guy:

The Count’s friend was a big, burly bastard who sat way forward in his seat, which meant we struggled to see past him. In the more exciting moments, he bobbed around like the sand-filled inflatable punching bag I had when I was a kid.

The balcony at the Enmore is too gently sloped to easily see over the head of the person in front of you, so you need to adjust your line of sight until you can see between the heads of the lower rows. It reminded me of the double-slit experiment you learn about in high school physics. I’ll be sitting downstairs next time.

Other observations/complaints from the night:

  • the bouncer made Rach throw her bottle of water away, the miserable prick
  • the support band Ooh La La were tops!
  • what’s with the strange upstairs bar that looks more like Osama bin Laden’s bunker?
  • what is it that compels people to get up during a show for which they’ve paid almost $100 – and waited more than 20 years! – to go to the bar and pay $7 for a can of VB?
  • Bank’s Thai across the road is dee-lish!

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  1. A Gal Says:

    My envy feels inflated as the USA female basketballers lips. Growing up next to the Anderson’s and Rach goes to the gig of my dreams. Lucky bitch.