Jun 4

Does anybody remember this show?

Yes, it’s That’s Incredible!

Anyone who watched TV in the early ’80s will remember this programme – it was certainly compulsary viewing in our household. It focused not only on your run-of-the-mill “beard of bees” type stunts, but also had a paranormal bent, with regular appearances by psychics and whatnot.

And how about the hosts? I’m pretty sure I had a thing for Cathy Lee Crosby at the time. I suspect John Davidson had a thing for himself. Third wheel Fran Tarkenton is there to make up the numbers.

If you cast your mind back a few years earlier you may remember another of my favourite shows, Thrill Seekers. Presented by Chuck Connors (star of the US TV Show The Rifleman, and not to be confused with Chuck Norris), this show is perhaps the earliest example of the TV stunt genre. It originally ran for a couple of years around 1973-74, but I probably saw it as re-runs on Australian TV during the late ’70s.

Thrill Seekers was geared towards your typical daredevil/stuntman type activity – jumping a motorbike over a row of cars, falling from a building while on fire, and so on. I have always remembered the opening monologue, which Connors repeats at the start of every show – he reminds us that there is a special kind of person in this world, a person who has no fear; in fact they like to confront their fear, or in Connors’ immortal words, they “chase it, challenge it, and lick it.”

I could find only one clip from Thrill Seekers, it’s about big wave surfing, but you can watch just the intro to get a feel for Connors’ style of delivery. Notice how he glances off screen every few seconds to read his cue cards. (Actually, the surfing footage is pretty cool, so watch on if you like that sort of thing.)

Amazingly, there is almost no information about this show on the net. The Wikipedia article is exactly one line in length, there is bugger all on YouTube and not much else.

Does anybody else remember Thrill Seekers?! Let’s keep the dream alive, people!

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