May 19
The After-Party
icon4 May 19th, 2008 | icon2 Bric-a-Brac |

As I was browsing the society pages in the Sun-Herald “S” lift-out (the “S” stands for “Shite”) I noticed a photo with the following caption:

“Peaches Geldof with musician Patrick Wolfe at an after-party”

Here is the photo:

Apart from the fact that the pissed young couple in the photo look 11 years old, and as though they had recently been exhumed, what caught my eye was the use of the phrase “after-party”. And also that it doesn’t say what the after-party was actually after. Apparently the after-party is now an entity unto itself.

This led me to ponder the concept of the after-party. For instance, is it possible to have an after-party without doing anything special beforehand? Or must it absolutely be after some other event? How big must an event be to warrant an after-party? And who decides?

The next time we have friends for dinner I am going to insist on it being referred to as an after-party. It is, by definition, after whatever you did before the party. Hey, Bill, what did you do before you came here? I went grocery shopping. OK, for Bill this is his grocery shopping after-party.

Flipping back through several pages of weekend social events – and endless snaps of vapid starlets and their prosimian* partners – it seems nearly everyone was at an after-party for something or other. Not a plain old regular party to be had in Sydney last weekend apparently.

So why refer to it as an after-party? Why not just say “Peaches Geldof with musician Patrick Wolfe at a party”? I’ll tell you. Because any old prat can go to a party. But to get into an after-party you have to be “somebody” enough to get invited to whatever happened before the party. (Or in this case be the semi-legitimate sprog brat of someone who was once “somebody”.)

What sort of name is Peaches anyway? Why not use the singular Peach, makes more sense than the plural – there is only one of her after all. Although if you had twin girls, perhaps they could be referred to collectively under the single name Peaches. Like Bananas in Pyjamas. Peach 1 and Peach 2.

Anyway, gotta dash. I’m off to host my own Monday night yoga after-party. Highlights will be eating scrambled eggs while watching Hell’s Kitchen season 4. See you there.

* prosimian: primitive primates having large ears and eyes and characterized by nocturnal habits

2 Responses

  1. Rachy Says:

    You funny…even from a distance xxx

  2. kazzibee Says:

    yes well, next time we come for dinner, I am going to insist that there is an after-party after the dinner-party!