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This Goes Out to Vern
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Following on from yesterday’s post, long-time listener, first-time caller Vern has fond memories of Macca and Jacko’s duet “Say Say Say” which appeared on McCartney’s Pipes of Peace album in 1983. The promotional film for the song was an epic affair in the mold of Jackson’s “Thriller” video in that it begins with a brief acted segment providing a back story for the song itself. Here it is:

Not wishing to speak ill of the dead, but when you put Linda McCartney in between Paul and Michael you’d have to admit she is only a mildly talented woman. And that’s being generous. Nevertheless she gives it her all as ever.

As someone who has been a longtime follower of the Beatles and their respective solo careers, I can say that this is not my favourite McCartney period. (But I do agree with Vern that this is a catchy tune!) It seems as the ’80s progressed Paul became more and more irrelevant as his style of melodic pop gradually fell from fashion. Around this time he seemed determined to prove himself as a kind of all-round entertainer. (Witness the song and dance routines in the above clip.) He wrote and produced an animated film for children (Rupert and the Frog Song), also writing a theme tune (“We All Stand Together”) and contributing some of the voices. He wrote and starred in an awful feature film (Give My Regards to Broad Street) in which he committed the ultimate sin of re-making some of his own Beatles songs, and then spent a year of his life trying to flog this particularly dead horse. As it turned out, “Say Say Say” would be his last US #1.

Paul also caught on early to the idea of the 12-inch single. I have before me the 12″ of “Say Say Say” – not only do you get a version of the title track re-mixed by John “Jellybean” Benitez, but there is an instrumental remix too. Woo-hoo! The B-side track “Ode to a Koala Bear” is not only taxonomically incorrect (it’s not a bear, it’s a marsupial) but one of Paul’s more forgettable tunes. Next time you’re around Vern, we’ll give it a spin together.

Macca and Jacko living together in perfect harmony…

2 Responses

  1. Vern Says:

    My friend gave me a cassette with ‘pipes of peace’ recorded on it, the other side was ‘true’ by Spandau Ballet – In the end, Spandau Ballet won by a mile! Ah, those were the days! (disclaimer; in 1983 I was 9 years old).

  2. kaz Says:

    i think that album cover is a pink and purple triumph of design.