Sep 19
When Paddle Pops Cost 5c
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OK, I admit it, I have a sweet tooth.

But as I get older, I find myself craving the sweet delights of my youth. Some days I stare into space and pine for all the old-school ice-creams now sadly departed.

There was the Triple Treat, a glorious chocolate-coated ice-cream and marshmallow combo that is sadly missed. And the Lickety-Split, a paradigm-shattering ice-block with not one, but two sticks!

Speaking of gimmicks, does anyone remember the Rocket? It boasted a cleverly shaped plastic stick, which when collected in large numbers, could be used to build stuff. Pure marketing genious.

And those infuriating Paddle Pop “Lick-A-Prize” competitions where you had to collect and match the sticks to make a little picture. I always had the feeling that nobody ever won anything from Lick-A-Prize. In fact, I have just visited a website where someone claims to have collected 866 Lick-A-Prize sticks over several decades … and has never matched a set of sticks! I rest my case!

Incredibly, the Paddle Pop Lick-A-Scam continues to this day! In my days the big prize was a bike. Now it’s a trip to FL-O-RI-DA:

As a kid in the ’70s your choice of ice-cream was like a mini personality test. Were you a Drumstick man or a Cornetto man? Were you brave enough to walk into the corner shop and ask for a Gaytime with your mates sniggering in the background?

Of course that was a more innocent time. A time when it didn’t seem politically incorrect to have a vanilla and strawberry ice-block called a Redskin, with the requisite native American chief on the wrapper. I don’t think the flavoured ices shaped like a hand grenade would go down too well at school these days either, given modern anti-terrorism laws.

The list of fallen ice-creams continues … Monaco Bar, Choc Wedge, Billabong. May they Rest In Peace. Yeah, sure, I know some of these are still available, but they’re not the same.

And don’t get me started on the subject of price. When I was a kid, during Christmas holidays our family would go to the beach every morning. Mum would secrete a $2 note (remember those?) somewhere in her swimming costume and at around 10 o’clock I’d run up to the kiosk and with just two dollars purchase ice-creams for all. My preferred beach ice-cream was the Dixie Cup – a little cardboard punnet of creamy vanilla ice-cream that came with a small, flat wooden spoon. I’m pretty sure I was responsible for burying the wrappers and sticks in the sand afterwards too.

Anyway, my point is that things aren’t like they used to be. Now we don’t invent new ice-creams, we just have 37 flavours of Magnum. Most of the old ice-creams are gone, but thankfully we still have a few, like the Bubble O’Bill, whose bubble gum nose still takes me back to a better age. (Even if he does look like Ivan Milat.)

Perhaps my ultimate gripe is that ice-creams today are too small. In the ’70s a Chocolate Heart could feed a family of four for a week. These days it’s gone in three bites. You might say I’ve gotten bigger since those days. But to paraphrase Norma Desmond, I was always big, it’s the ice-creams that got small.

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  1. kazzi Says:

    one of my oldtime favourites was the Jelly Tip. Did you have those? MMmmmmmm gelatinous raspberry flavoured goop tip and vanilla icecream under a chocolate coating.

  2. kazzi Says:

    ooh got yerself some spam there!

  3. kazzi Says:

    hey stu, your peoplepics have broken links!

  4. snubian Says:

    I don’t think I remember the jelly tip ones… sound good though!

    And thanks for the heads-up Kaz, those sonsabitches at my old internet provider changed things without telling me. Fixed now.

  5. dIMZY Says:

    MMMMMMMMMM…….. I won a holiday to Florida the other time.