Apr 15

I am just listening to Holy Roller Novocaine, the debut EP by Kings of Leon. I was inspired to buy this when it came out in 2003, mainly because of the cracker opening track “Molly’s Chambers”. It’s two minutes and 18 seconds of ballsy, straight-ahead Southern Fried rock.

I didn’t really keep up with the band after that. But recently I was shocked to find what difference a few years in the “music industry” can make to a band’s appearance and sound.

This is how Kings of Leon looked circa 2003:

Then the record company got its hooks into the band. This is how they looked a few years later:


Is this an ad for Schick or Sunsilk?

I saw the above photo in the newspaper a year or so ago, to promote the band’s tour of Australia, and I honestly thought they had made a mistake and printed a promo photo of some ponced-up boy band. You may be familiar with Kings of Leon from their 2008 worldwide hit “Sex on Fire”, which is a favourite on Australian Idol, and almost as annoying as that Eskimo Joe song about black fingernails and red wine.

Now enjoy Kings of Leon as they were back in the day, playing “Molly’s Chambers” live on the Late Show.

This has been part 1 in the series “Why the Music Industry Sucks”.

2 Responses

  1. MsJaye Says:

    I recently purchased “Because of the Times” after seeing the video for “Charmer” on Rage one night. It was so hilarious that it almost made me lose my beverage through my nasal cavity: never before had I heard the retarded farm hand aesthetic captured in music. Alas, I can’t say whether their image had been cleaned up at that point.

    The rest of the album is pretty much straight-ahead southern influenced rock. It’s okay, but if you’re after that sort of content, I’d recommend “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace” by the Foo Fighters much sooner. The latter occasionally touches on LRB, though I’m sure I’ll be ritually killed by fans for saying so.

  2. snubian Says:

    The Foo Fighters are not my cup o’ tea, thanks anyway Jaye. I would prefer to listen to LRB actually! :)