Dec 19

Do you long to play your old vinyl records but don’t own a record player? Well, your favourite discs need gather dust no longer.

The generally accepted means for playing a vinyl record is to place the disc on a rotating surface, then lower a stationary needle on to the revolving disc. This concept is reversed with the Japanese invention known as the Record Runner. Talk about thinking outside the square; with this device, the record is placed flat on a surface and the Record Runner scoots around in circles. Watch this:

At first I thought this might be a hoax, but here’s a better example (not sure about the heavy breathing from 0:36 onwards … a little creepy):

A few things to note about this whacky invention. Firstly, it will surely ruin your precious vinyl faster than a baby with a sharpened Milk Arrowroot biscuit. Secondly, because the Record Runner contains the speaker, and it is moving relative to the listener, the music suffers from fluctuations in pitch owing to the Doppler Effect. Or what I call the Mr Whippy Van Effect. The thing even looks like an ice cream van! Brilliant!

To anyone wondering what to get me for Christmas, one of these will do nicely, thanks.

3 Responses

  1. kazzi Says:

    good pick on the mr breathy vid there stu.

  2. kazzi Says:

    haha hey i was just looking at your people pics and i realised that you have given me and garyann a separate kitchen to vern. NO SHARING.

  3. snubian Says:

    A separate kitchen yes, but identically furnished with stools and espresso machine – so neither of you gets jealous.